Deep kobal- the young social innovator

Many areas in our country are still under-exploited, there is a lot of problems faced by these people, like unemployment, education, water, transformation. Stop for a moment and think about this, how many problems present in their life we can’t even imagine. Innovation is often inspired by local problems which can be as urgent as global ones, but they usually get less funding.

We believe that young people are powerful with full of new ideas, new ways to carry out it, and exploring all the possible resources that will help their community and highly untapped force for change in their community and their society, they motivate young people.

And here we started finding unexplored people who are doing great work for their area but still not in a limelight.

In this journey, we found an amazing, motivating, and inspiring story of one 19 years old focused innovator.

Deep kobal

Deep kobal is basically from Pune, his story inspired me in my life. he completed his study in Pune, after that he went to Africa for a job at the age of 19. But he wanted to explore more, he wanted to help their community to improve their lives, to change his village, so he left his job and came to their native place.

He started from his village that is kanhewadi BK (Pune), in the environment of neglect and destruction of ecology he started working on the unity of their village. The new idea has been implemented he started by doing shivostava festival in their village in 2015 to gather people.

deep kobal also started India’s probably first Rural women and a girls cricket match in his village in 2016 named as a kanhewadi premier league (KPL), and it works well for his village unity. The main motive of these celebrations is people come together and communicate well with each other this may lead to the progress of their community and it happens exactly same.

Women Run arranged by deep kobal
Women Run

By the huge success of the cricket match, he started the rural run in their village with the help of the village and gram panchayat. He did many campaigns for their village, cleaning campaigns to make people aware of hygiene, water conservation for villages plant, he helped kids in their education, tribal people, jobless people. With the help of gram panchayat, they build major roads, gyms, and schools in their village.

With the huge success of his campaigns, he reached many different BMCWS (Bombay Mother and Child Welfare Society) created India’s first complete solar tribal village without government aid also collected funds to make all three schools of the kanhewadi BK digitalized.

Deepak kobal is associate with saathee global, they working for social improvements such as social awareness, education programs, homes for the homeless, child care, young talent, exploring new places, and many more.

You don’t invest what you don’t see, at a starting point he didn’t get any funding from anywhere but he never stops his work, he is more passionate, he started his group from a small WhatsApp group, they started working for their village improvement by spending money from their pocket. It’s very heart-touching and motivating.

They made a new definition of success. We think about many ideas but we don’t work on it, they see it, worked on it, and did it. He encouraging young people to re-imagine the world and empowering them to bring the vision to their life. His programs are team-based, youth lead and action-focused. He does indeed see things differently, he has an innate sense of justice, fairness, and idealism. he motivates people to engage with social issues.