You are planning for the exercise, congratulations! As a Beginners, you are started your journey of fitness. Exercise helps you a lot in your physical as well as your mental health, scientifically proven that exercise regularly can help you to avoid many diseases.

workout for Beginners
workout for Beginners

Scientists had proven that exercise helps you to cure diseases like cancer, heart problems, depression, and many more problems that occur in the human body as well as in the mind. Exercise is a great pill for any disease.

You are a Beginners and wanted to start exercise but don’t know how to start, don’t worry this article is for you. Here we listed the tips for a beginner to start their workout easily.

10 tips Guide for Beginners

1. Check your health

Before starting any workout plan the first thing we, all have to do is to check our capability, take a suggestion from your doctor, if any difficulties found they will tell you what to avoid, without knowing your body, don’t hurt it, start your workout with yours doctors advise. If you are completely fine then it will be well and good.

2. Know your goal

As a beginner, it could be difficult to finalize your clear goal, sit, and think about why you want to start a workout? What do you want to achieve? How can you achieve your goal?

Listen to your mind, write down your aim to work out on paper. When you listed your aims on a paper it will set a clear idea on your mind, and you start working on it.

Listing your goal also helps you to stay motivated in your workout to achieve your goal.

3. Go with warm-up and cool down

Before you start your exercise do some warm-up to stretch out your body for the exercise. It can be slow running, lungs, and hand movement.

warm-up before exercise
warm-up before exercise

Respect and listen to your body, if your need some breaks don’t go beyond that just cool down. We cannot harm our body by doing some extraordinary things, do things which your body can enjoy, if it is not hitting the target its ok, you have to accept the setbacks.

4. Start with less

As a beginner, don’t overcommit and overperform, start with less. We can do our workout in 2 different stages called low intensity, moderate intensity, high intensity


If you are above 50 start your workout with low intensity, do your workout 3 times a week. In a moderate intensity, you can do your workout 5 times a week, high intensity can be 7 times a week.

Don’t directly jump to the high-intensity workout, you will do it for 2, 3 weeks and you will skip it. less workout is always better than no workout.

To avoid injuries and burnout start with small, take a break in between your exercise.

Ex: 1week plan for Beginners

1)Monday: go for a 40-moderate walk

2)Tuesday: take rest

3)Wednesday: walk for 10min and do the following exercise

                   Exercise1: 3 sets of 10 lungs for each leg, 10 pushups,10situp.

                 Exercise2: 3 sets of 10 chair dips, 10 jumping jacks, 10 air squats.

4)Thursday: take a rest

5)Friday: 30 min moderate jog

6)Saturday: take a rest

7)Sunday: run, walk, jog for 40 min

After one month you can increase your plan according to your plan.

5. If possible, start with your friend

two girls doing exercise
two girls doing exercise

Sometimes it is not possible to motivate Ourselves all the time, breakdowns happen in our life we need someone to motivate us, find out your friend (it can be your family members, co-workers) who also want to start to work out and do it with them. Good company is a mirror to your hard work and helps to motivate you.

6. Find your interest

My advice to Beginners is to go with what you enjoy, starting with un-interested things that can quit you soon, start your exercise which you feel better, you are more likely to stick with it.

7. Think as a self-care

 Everything in life we do just for our better self, keep your health in mind, wake up every day for a workout, it will help you to stay humble, committed, and motivated.

Do not bore yourself, try to understand its importance for your health, when you accept its benefits by your heart you will never miss your workout.

8. Focus on pre and post-workout

family  having their meal
family having their meal

As much as your workout is important for your body you also have to put the right fuel in it, you have to decide your pre as well as post-workout food. Don’t skip your breakfast, try eating carbs, protein, vegetables, fruits, avoid junk food.

9. Motivate and reward yourself

Do not compare yourself with others, everyone is different in their way. Accept your life’s setbacks, the result will not happen right away.

Reward yourself, get one pair of shoes too, workout clothes, it will motivate you more.