Starting your fitness journey can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. The problem is that many people are motivated to start exercising, but they may struggle to start it. The starting point is difficult, but with the right guidance, you can start your day.

girl with dumbbells
girl with dumbbells

You don’t have to wait for a specific day, week, year to take care of your health, the best day to start your fitness journey is right now. If you are ready to make changes in lifestyle by fitness then this article is for you.

Here are some tips which will help you to start your fitness journey.

  1. First, check your physical ability
  2. Establish your goals
  3. Start small
  4. Make an appointment for exercise
  5. If possible do it with a friend
  6. Try a class
  7. Expect setbacks
  8. Remember nutrition’s
  9. Celebrate yourself

check your physical ability

before you start any physical activity or your fitness routine you must have to check your physical ability, this is the first step to know about your fitness. Go to your primary care physician for a checkup, they will tell, you are free to pursue any activity or there is something to avoid.

This will won’t hurt your body if you are alert well in advance, everyone loves hearing that you can take a step to improve your health.

Establish your goals

think about why you want to start your fitness routine?

Determine your goals, you may have some intentions or goals to achieve. It can be to lose weight, to gain weight, reduce stress, improve cardiovascular health and many other problems which you want to overcome from it.

Decide the result which you want to achieve, deciding the result prior will help you to determine which type of activity you should do.

Start small

When you start doing anything just go with the small steps, there is no need to jump high. On the first day no need to go to the gym and lift tons of weight, start it by walking for 20 to 30 minutes a day, use stairs instead of the elevator.

By doing something small every day, you are setting up habits for exercise. And by the time you can do some challenging activities. 

Make an appointment for exercise

One way to commit to your fitness is to create a schedule for your workout. Make your calendar, schedule your plan i.e., your working hours, exercise hours, reading time, family time.

To get yourself in a rhythm, you have to decide your days, time, and types of activities you want to do, when you write down your plan time, you’re more likely to do it and it will help to keep consistent, it will become a priority in your daily routine.

If possible do it with a friend

Don’t do it alone, ask for a company. Everything is more fun with a partner, if possible, make a friend who also wants to fit. When you do it with friends you can motivate each other every day by cheering the squad when things get tough.

When you do it with other people it will make you accountable. You will feel inclined because someone is there and you have to be active.

Try a class

If you are completely new you don’t have any idea about professional workouts, exercise then try a class.

You can do this in two ways either you can go for a personal Trainor or join a group class choose which you feel comfortable. Classes may help you to do many activities professionally like yoga, Pilates, and many more.

Expect setbacks

There are many ups and downs li our life, life has a way of putting curveballs at you. Because of the hectic schedule of work, family reasons you are not able to exercise regularly but don’t quit.

Find some small time in your busy day and do your exercise, keep in mind that some exercise is better than no exercise.

Remember nutrition’s

Fitness journey with nutrition's
healthy nutritions to start a fitness journey

The fitness journey is not just about exercise, to keep your body energetic you have to feed the right food to your body. Diet doesn’t mean that you have to follow the latest fad diet it just adds green vegetables, fruits, protein-like dairy products, and carbohydrates to your meal.

Celebrate yourself

Be sure to cheer yourself for the hard work you did. Ex message yourself, or a facial after 30 days of workout. Reward yourself by giving some interesting gifts, it will be memorable for your journey.

If you want to change your lifestyle, the workout and exercise is the great way to maintain it. So, start your fitness journey right now.