It is easy to eat healthily and go for exercise regularly at the beginning, and later there will become a time where your motivation dies down, you take a break from your workout. Staying inspired for your workout isn’t easy as your Instagram mentor makes it seems.

lady going for exercise
lady going for exercise

Think about what makes you quit, break it by finding the reason behind this. Some of the possibilities can be

  • Too strict diet to follow every day
  • Hectic work schedule
  • Feeling needy for your favorite food
  • Feeling tired to do exercise every day

So, work on your reason for quitting your exercise, try to find out the solution on it, if you are feeling diet is very strict then follow the small diet plan, same way figures out your reason, and work on it, something is better than nothing.

some science-based ways to stay committed to your exercise.

We listed some tips and guide for you to finish the line of your success and to keep your mental energy up.

  1. Find your fitness goal, and write it down on paper
  2. Visualize your success
  3. Build your ultimate workout music
  4. Get a workout accountabiliabuddy
  5. Make it routine

Find your fitness goal, and write it down on paper

There is a reason behind every action, you may start your workout by wanting something, first question you should ask yourself is why I am paying to the gym for the workout membership for a month? Decide your clear goal for your workout.

Not having a plan for your goal will be problematic, it will lead to a lack of interest. Deciding and focusing on your proper goal will help to achieve easily without any disturbance. Once you find out the proper reason to exercise note down on a paper it will make a structure on your life, writing on paper will help you to track your result, it is used to set a clear path for your goal.

Write down your daily exercise report on paper, both good and the bad ones, this will be a mirror to your work you will get to know that what you did right or wrong when your result is visible on a paper, it will obtain your step easier.

Visualize your success

Another very important step to achieving your goal is to visualize your goal. It may look a little different but, phycology says that visualizing your plan prior leads to 95% chances to succeed in your goal.

If your goal is to gain weight, feel yourself adding X amount of weight in your body at the gym, see yourself as you are completed your goal. Visualize your performance through meditation, yoga, mental exercise can maximize your willpower.

lady doing meditation
lady doing meditation

It is proven that many athletes do mediation before their practice such as Michel Jordon, regular yoga and meditation help you to stay focused on your goal, and it passes the disruptive thoughts.

Yoga and meditation programs also help you to balance your life.

Build your ultimate workout music

girl with laptop
girl with laptop

Music heals everything, it helps us to come out from any mental or physical stress. Many studies had proven that listening to music can reduce getting fatigued in your physical activity, cracking beats on your beats may minimize your feeling of fatigue, it relaxes your nerves.

 The type of music, range also matter, there is mind relaxing music which we listen to for meditation purpose, there is a music to listen to in travel and many more depend on our choice. Adding little music to your exercise will make you active during the session, you will not feel bored as you enjoying the music.

Get a workout accountabiliabuddy

two girls doing yoga
two girls doing yoga

When you do it alone you chance that you will be fed up as you lose your interest. Having someone with you will be an advantage to put you up. Either you hire one personal Trainor or you go with a friend.

Going with friends will help you to stay motivated every day by seeing each other progress. Someone is needed to push you up when you down.

Make it routine

Don’t make your exercise optional in your work because if we put it in an optional list more chances that we skip it. Make it routine as your daily work, the best way to keep regularity in any work is to repeat and you can do this by maintaining a proper system for it.

Find out the easy way to fit your exercise plan into your daily routine then sticking to it becomes easier.

Exercise offers incredible health than any other medicine if you do it in the right way on regular basis, it improves the outside as well as the inside of your body.