Youngsters fear maximum approximately the pandemic impact on their intellectual health, they are more worried about their job and income. Covid-19 affects badly on the youngster’s career, thus impacting more on their mental health, they are facing many mental health crises, their stress level is higher than usual.

stressed youngsters seated at a table
stressed youngsters seated at a table

In the current situation of Covid, there is a much low chance of getting a new job in the market, this increases the chances of mental health issues.

But everything is not finished, if there is a will there is a way. You can manage your stress by taking positive actions.

The Link Between Unemployment and Mental Health

Unemployment has been linked to greater stress, anxiety, violence, suicide, there are too many that show stress cases are due to job loss or not getting a job after a good qualification.

Here we mentioned some issues that occurred when you lost your income source

  • Difficulty paying basic necessity
  • Reduced social interaction
  • unhealthy coping skills
  • lack of purpose

like this, you faced many difficulties when you are unemployed and you have more responsibilities. But in life we faced many problems, so you have to be strong all the time. Just change the situation don’t let the situation changes you.

Tackle the problem

Sitting at a home with stress will not pay your bills, you have found out some resources of the job as well as the way for financial settlement. This might be

Look for new job opportunities: whether it may be the part-time or full time you search for a job; it will make you feel active.

Create a budget: creating a budget will help you to stay stable in your financial status.

Manage your payments: talk with your credit card company, tell your current situation they will reduce your payment or also grants more time to pay your bills.

Further, your education: taking a class online or physically may help you with your problem.

Update your resume: never stop searching for an opportunity, frequently update your resume.

How youngsters should respond to the coronavirus outbreak

Here we mentioned some steps to cope up with these uncontrollable situations.

Allow yourself to grieve

Everyone uses a different way to express, some use healthy, some uses unhealthy way to express. This can be drinking too much, smoking, eating more junk food, alcoholic. This will not help you to get out of a problem but this can even worst in the future.

Give yourself time to adjust: every situation is new to us, so just give time. Adjusting the unemployment may take time, go easy with yourself, don’t make a mess.

Write about your feelings: it may be negative or positive write about your feelings, it will clear your mind from all the stuff which you are carrying.

Accept reality: rather than dwelling on your unemployment and unfairness just accept the reality, don’t think too much about the past, now concentrate on your future.

Stop beating yourself: don’t underestimate yourself beating that I am a looser, this happened because I was not doing it well, I am not a capable person, this thought will decrease your confidence, stay positive with confidence

Think of your job loss as a temporal setback: we all face many problems in our life but it was not the end, pick yourself up, learn from the experience, and try again.

Reach out to stay strong

When you lose your job, your stay away from your friends, social network. It is not a way to deal with a job loss, communicating with people will help in both the ways job loss stress, as well as finding a new job opportunity.

Build a new friendship: meet new relations with the youngsters, create your network, join a diner club, sports team.

Join a job club: We comfort more with the persons who face similar problems. Network for new employment, job hunters will help you to motivate as well as search for a new opportunity.

Join your communities: try to attend a local event, build your network, most of the time job vacancies will not advertise openly it is spread by the network, the network is very important when you are searching for a job. Mentor your youngsters, supporting your temples.

Involve your family support

your unemployment affects the whole family, so don’t face it all alone, open up with your family, listen to their concerns, they care too, don’t take it as a guild, it is just a situation that will be a pass.

Find another way to define yourself

pursue an activity that makes you happy and active, try to build new interest spend time in nature to relax your mind. Eat well to keep your focus, take care of yourself to keep up your energy, always stay positive it will help us to stay away from negative and disruptive thoughts. Help yourself to help you.