What is a mobile-friendly website?

Everywhere you look people around you are on their mobile when they are not on their mobiles they use their tablets.

mobile-friendly websites
mobile-friendly websites

Many application development companies built a website that is not mobile-friendly. i.e it’s not working on platforms like mobile phones, tablets. Our website could be responsive on all the platforms.

Not having a mobile-friendly website will affect your business. Here are some points which will tell us why a responsive website is important.

Importance of mobile-friendly website?

1) Increased use of the mobile device

Increased use of the mobile device
Increased use of the mobile device

The increasing ratio of mobile users in 2021 is near 760 million out of 4.66 billion internet users. Today Peoples are like to go everywhere with their website and it is possible only with a responsive website.

Before upgrading technology People use to sit in front of the system and search results with a mouse and keyboard. Technology is upgrading now people like a more user-friendly interface. This can be used as an advantage that can attract a large section of users from the mobile user interface population.

Users spending more time on their mobiles than the system or laptops. in today’s competitive world if we are stuck on this type of issue like don’t have a responsive website then a response from the users will be pretty short. 

Your website should be User-friendly, simple, attractive. Users will be frustrated if your website is not operating well. When you have everything and your website is not mobile-friendly then there is a chance that you will lose your valuable visitors. Try to make an attractive, dynamic, and mobile-friendly website so you can get your valuable visitors to your website.

2) Enhance customer experience

Enhance customer experience
Enhance customer experience

Having a complex website is another drawback of not getting proper traffic on the website. Easy-to-use websites are more attractive than complex.

Having a dynamic but complex website will not go right. Users like the simpler format of the website. The website should have a clear appearance of buttons links, short, taskbar, menu, and meaningful info. If you have an effective website users will find and browse your website, difficult website makes your users go elsewhere.

Your website should take the least time to load if it takes much time,] you will lose your visitors. Users won’t stay at your website for more than sec.

Why mobile usage increased so drastically, the reason is online shopping. This will be helpful for the eCommerce website. You would have to build an easier and dynamic website.

You should optimize the website which will help in engaging visitors to your website. Having a website that is mobile-friendly is the biggest advantage to convert visitors to customers.

3) Better rankings

Google search engine will consider many things to rank a website. Mobile usability is one of the most important factors they consider when someone is searching for a particular keyword.

Increased visibility will help users to come to your site if your site is one of the best websites and users are not finding it then it will cut a chance of getting rank on the first page of Google.

while most of the users are using the mobile interface and your website is only supporting laptops this will be a big loss to your website. You need to optimize your website for mobile use. You have to make use of every tool that will help you to make your website more mobile-friendly not only for better customers but to improve search engine volume.

People will easily find your website and they spent their valuable time to get some valuable information then there will be a good chance to rank a website.

*difference between Responsive and non-responsive website 

Responsive website   


Responsive website
Responsive website
  •  High traffic                                       
  • The entire website is visible in screen size screen                       
  • easy to operate on mobile                    
  • Better SEO 

Non-responsive website

Non Responsive website
Non-responsive website
  • less traffic
  • the website did not adjust to screen
  • have too many issues to navigate
  • poor in terms of SEO

Therefore all the above-mentioned factors dictate that if the mobile-friendly website engages users better than the specific device it will easily attract the user to use the website, then common sense says that a responsive website is a must. 

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