effects of Covid-19 pandemic situation on children

As the schools are closed and a Covid-19 pandemic continues to expand in India and all the world, it is impacting not only the economy but also the children’s physical and mental health as well. This impact felt differently on different groups like a child, youth, senior citizens.

In the battle against the Covid parents worried more about their children’s, what about their physical and mental health? Many are working remotely also, how they can manage their child’s health in this pandemic? 

Considering all this we give you the expert tips to help you deal with a child’s mental and physical fitness in COVID-19.

parenting tips during Covid-19

Talking about covid-19(positively explore your child)

Physical health

Mental health

Get structured

Learning through play

Keep children’s safe online during covid

Talking about covid-19(positively explore your child)

Parents talking a with their child
Parents talking a with their child

They already know something, silent and secret do not protect our child. You know your child best, know how much they will understand and talk regarding the current situation, allow your child to talk freely, you will get to know how much they know about the current situation.

Physical Health

To maintain your child’s health first simple and easy formula is to move, eat, and sleep, play. Adapting and maintain physical activity is a must even in the compact space, with children do activities like play.

Physical activity can be simple games like animal walk, playing hide and seek, dancing, indoor bowling, musical chairs, and many more The possibilities are endless.

You can ask your child for the latest games, they know better and play with them. Also, there are online platforms for parents like yoga classes, Pilates, cross-fit, etc.

 It is important to get a good sleep for physical as well as mental health, decide your child’s bedtime and wake up time to break from your activities.

Healthy and balanced food also help to maintain your child’s physical health good. A balanced menu can be planned according to your budget.

Mental health

Covid-19 has caused a terrible stress level among children, first due to the closure of their schools. This stress may lead to an effect on the learning and mental health of students, causes fear in children.

 All emotions are valid emotions, some may keep calm while others express their feelings of anger. And you as a caregiver understand all their mood swings.

We mentioned some tips for parents on how they can manage their child’s mental health in this pandemic situation.

Take a break from your work, sit and talk with your child spend some valuable time with them to show you care for them. Be supportive, be frank with your child allow them to talk, always answer their question truthfully by their level of understanding. They may be scared or confused, give them a space to share their feeling, build trust that you are there for them.

You can do activities that can make them busy mentally also they will learn from it like Drawing, Music or dancing, Make cleaning and coking together, Talk something about their interest i.e. sports, music, celebrity, friends.

Keep them positive, stop saying don’ts words use do’s a word(try to say keep notebook neat instead don’t make a mess) it affects the most on children’s mental health.

Give them importance, as we all know all are working from home you have work but shouting at children’s just make you and them more stressed out and Angier.

Get structured

You are the role model for your children, teach them good a habit which will help in this pandemic situation.

Create a schedule for your child including learning, sleeping, exercise this will make your child feel more secured and well-behaved.

Teach your student the importance of social distancing, make a 20s hand washes hygiene and fun, If you exercise maintaining secure distances and hygiene yourself, and deal with others with compassion, mainly folks who are unwell or vulnerable – your youngsters and teens will examine from you.

At the give up of every day, take a minute to reflect on consideration on the day. Tell your baby approximately one effective or amusing element they did. Praise yourself for what you probably did nicely today. You are a star!

Learning through play

Millions of people face faculty closure and isolation from their own houses. This tip is set for mastering via play – something that may be a laugh for all ages!

Movement games

  • Create a dance choreography in your children’s preferred songs. One individual does a dance flow and every person else copies. Everyone takes turns being the chief.
  • “Challenge” who can do the maximum toe touches – leaping jacks, windmill toe touches in a minute.
  • “Mirror” every other – facial expression, movements, sounds. One individual can begin because the chief after him switches. Try it without a leader!
  • Freeze dance: Play track or a person sings a song and every person dances. When the truck stops, every person needs to freeze. The last individual nonetheless dancing turns into the choice for the subsequent round.
  • Animal dance: Same as above however whilst the track stops, name out a call of an animal, and every person has to grow to be that animal.

Telling stories

  • Tell your kids a tale out of your very own childhood.
  • Ask your kids to inform you of a tale.
  • Make up a brand new tale collectively beginning with “Once upon a time…” Each man or woman provides a brand new sentence to the tale.
  • Act out a favorite tale or movie – older kids may even direct more youthful ones even as gaining knowledge of responsibility.

Keep children’s safe online during covid

Children and young adults are spending lots of extra time online. Being linked facilitates them to lessen the effect of COVID-19 and encourages them to retain with their lives…however it additionally provides dangers and dangers.

  • Set up parental controls.
  • Turn on Safe Search in your browser.
  • Set up strict privacy settings for online apps and games.
covid-19 effects on children's
children’s using online platforms during covid-19

Tell your youngsters that if they enjoy something online that makes them sense upset, uncomfortable, or scared, they could communicate to you and you will now no longer get mad or punish them.

Be alert to symptoms and symptoms of distress. Notice in case your toddler is being withdrawn, upset, secretive, or obsessed with online activities.

Create trusting relationships and open verbal exchange thru tremendous aid and encouragement.

Note that each toddler is particular and can use distinctive methods to communicate. Take time to alter your message to your child’s needs. For example, youngsters with mastering disabilities, might also additionally require facts in an easy format.