Toolika Rani (A great lady in India)

A strong, independent, motivated, and focused woman is the most beautiful woman in my view. You cannot be happy and motivated all the time, things happen and you break down. You lose belief in life and stop trusting in the essence of motivation.

What do I do to motivate myself every day?

I have a picture of one lady with a great smile on her face on my wall, I look upon it just after I wake up in the morning. Her smiling face tells a lot about her inspirational life. As a woman, I perceive myself as someone with a curious mind. there are lots of things in the universe that motivate us.

Who is she?

Toolika Rani
Toolika Rani

Toolika Rani is basically from Uttar Pradesh, India, her story is a story of glitz and glory. She is a woman who stretches her life to show limit exists only in the mind.

From a technical background and a modest family where our mind is only at study and job. Complete your study, get a job to settle well, and get married. But she wanted to explore more, she wanted to live a life where the limit doesn’t exist. She enters into that adventure and dreamed life, she joins Défense, she did hard work to get her desires, and to change her dreams into reality.

About her Education

Toolika Rani studied at mirut and now she is residing in Lucknow. She is a science graduate, secured 16th place in Ch. Charan Singh University Merit list in graduation. She did her post-graduation and NET in History. She had been NCC (National Cadet Corps) cadet, a Ranger, and a Debater.

About Toolika Rani’s professional life

In 2005 she was selected in an Indian Air Force and served for 10 years in Air Traffic Controlling as an Outdoor Training Instructor in the Air force Academy, Hyderabad. Apart from working and climbing, she had recently cleared the UP Civil Services exam in 2019. She is doing her Ph.D. on Sherpas of Nepal from Ambedkar University Lucknow.

From childhood, she was a performer, she is an Air Force Officer (retd), mountaineer, travel, adventure writer, motivational speaker (TEDx), and Research Scholar.

Toolika Rani climbing a mountain

In 2009, she started climbing a mountain as a part of the Indian force team, till now she completed 23 mountain expeditions and treks in India, Russia, Bhutan, Nepal, Africa, and Iran. Including Mt. Everest, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Damavand, Mt. Tochal, Mt. Stok Kangri, Mt. Bhagirathi, Mt. Kamet, Mt. Nun, Mt. Elbrus, Mt. Saser Kangri, Mt. Kanamo, and a virgin peak in Himachal.

Toolika Rani also did water rafting, parasailing, and mountain trail running. She is the first woman from Uttar Pradesh to climb Mt. Everest and the first woman to climb Asia’s highest volcano Mt. Damavand in Iran.

Benefits for Society

Toolika Rani believes in the power of our mind she motivates and inspires a people lot with her experience and her achievements. She is a big motivational person, she delivered 61 talks all across India including TEDx (Prestigious International) talks. She is a supporter of equality, environmental conservation, and humanity. She spread faith, hope in all situations, and the art of living.

Toolika Rani's speech
Toolika Ranis speech

She wrote many books on topics like Buddhism, gender rights, Indian philosophy, adventure sports, and geopolitics. Her articles and research paper published in National and International journals and newspapers.

Her Achievements

By her outstanding performance in her adventure and motivational life, she felicitated with many awards like Rani Laxmi bai Veerata Puraskar by UP Govt, FICCI FLO Outstanding Global Woman Award, Stree Shakti Combatant Award, Global Excellence Award, Delhi Ratan, Meerut Ratan, Prathama Women Achievers Award, Hindustan Times Award, And AspiringShe Woman Award.

Toolika Rani
Toolika Rani

She dreamed and achieved it. People say women cannot do many things in their lifetimes but, Toolika Rani is the one who inspired us a lot with her hard work in various fields. She gives talks, presentations, and lectures in an educational institute, corporate houses to increase people’s willpower, spirit, and determination. She makes a positive contribution to people’s life. She helped people to realize their dreams, she inspired people to self-discovery.

Toolika Rani is an advisory board member of Itvara (Adventure forum, New Delhi), The Ultimate Mentors (a group of professional mentors), Senior Research Fellow at Dallas (Defence Research and Studies). Once you become fearless, life becomes limitless. to be yourself with the people who constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. We salute her and sending wishes in all life’s endeavors, good luck to you now and always.