#Thechange for unity

          I don’t know who you are and what inspires you? 

          But, let me narrate to you a short story which is inspired me.

#Strength in Unity

Unity was the most important thing in the villages, it’s not a secret. But now Instead of doing something which will help us to improve our society, people are busy thinking about whom they should not meet today cause that person did this or that with them someday. People are not communicating well with each other Because of Grudges, Resentments, Fear, Jealousy, Ego.

In this time of neglection and destruction of ecology, one village inspired me a lot. Kanhewadi BK is a village in Khed Taluka of Pune District in Maharashtra State.

Few friends thought that the only thing that can change the Village is Unity. A new idea was introduced by this youth. They noticed a small thing and started from a small WhatsApp group named Kanhewadi BK United.

So far, this small WhatsApp group has helped to generate different works for various causes in the village. “When you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way” this small group changes the Village a lot for the better.

Kanhewadi BK, the united group of Kanhewadi is working for Progress and Unity of their Village, the year 2015 the young generation of Kanhewadi celebrated “Shivostava”. 

They got to know that when people coming together they communicate well with each other and sports is the thing that brings people together. Sports build a strong social bond, reason behind this is, people find similarities in other people because they give a chance to people to show, who they are when they support the same thing.

In the year 2016, girls and women played a cricket match which was probably India’s First Rural Women Cricket Match and this worked well for their village Unity. As the new idea had successful they decided to focus on kanhewadi BK Premier League (KPL), they worked and they did it successfully now the KPL is grown as the heart of the village.

women playing cricket
women playing cricket

With the success of KPL and with a group of kanhewadi BK united, they arranged and completed many things in the village. This was not done all alone, people of the village and the gram panchayat of the kanhewadi helped them a lot in this wonderful journey.

They later arranged Independence Day, Rural run was also been the first-ever attempt to do such an event in Indian villages. The rural run was the incredible thing that happened in the village(which was narrow-minded). They started to run the competition with the girls, later women’s also participate happily, now they called women from the other village as well.

Rural run for unity of village
Rural run

KPL keeps doing plantation and conservation (which is not only for unity but also for a beautiful environment) with help of people and gram panchayat.

They did a cleaning campaign that made people aware of hygiene, helping kids, tribal people, and water conservation, they support every work which is helpful for their growth of the village. Gram Panchyat did crucial work by building their major roads, gyms, and schools.

This progress expands day by day with a huge success of campaigns. KPL unity reached different organizations. BMCWS (Bombay Mother and Child Welfare Society) created India’s first complete solar tribal village without government aid and also collected funds to make all three schools of the kanhewadi BK digitalized.


Who thought that a small idea of the youth is going to be such a big transformation and superior progress of the village? But they did and they succeeded, this is impossible without village unity.

KPL created the website and social media to connect with the world. The village got the energy to work beyond this for their village. KPL is always been the favorite concept which is the application of how the entire village life has been changed.

                                         That’s the #TheChnage.